Your Bub & Bloom Birthing Instructor

Lainey has attended hundreds of births (too many to count!).

She has worked as a clinical specialist in a birthing centre run by midwives at a large hospital in Melbourne. Lainey works with women wishing to achieve a natural birth (including water births) after an uncomplicated pregnancy.

Lainey has worked as a midwife for over 20 years, specializing in labour and birth. In addition,  has extensive experience working with women whose pregnancies are considered high risk. She has had the pleasure of teaching couples from all walks of life and has a large referral base from many Melbourne hospitals and obstetricians from Cabrini, Monash, Sandringham, The Bays and Peninsula Private on the Mornington Peninsula. She has prepared a number of these same obstetricians for their own birthing journey’s and will continue to offer the best possible service to all couples under her guidance.

Having an avid interest in both antenatal education and birthing, Lainey discovered a gorgeous way to bring a baby into the world. In 2005 she became a Hypnobirthing practitioner under the tutelage of the very kind and inspiring Peter Jackson.

She trained with Peter again in 2006 when he developed Calmbirth. Lainey started to form a deep understanding of the human mind, the subconscious and it’s effect on childbirth and many other areas of life. As one of the first Calmbirth practitioners, she brought a new way of birthing to Victoria from her home in Seaford.  Over 14 years as Lotuscalmbirth, she has not only taught those locally in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula  but reached many couples all around Melbourne and rural Victoria.

In 2018 she decided to leave the Calmbirth franchise. Lainey developed the Bub & Bloom programme  to provide birth education from her accumulated personal experience as a midwife and acupuncturist, researcher and readings from a myriad of authors that have shaped her classes into what they are today. Knowledge is ever expanding and a true wonder as we apply it to a woman’s fertility and her birthing body as nature intended it to do.

The Bub & Bloom birthing programme is insightful, and delightful and you will leave the workshop feeling confident, happy and most importantly, ‘fear free’.

As a annual speaker at three tertiary hospitals and several private hospitals, Lainey teaches graduate midwives about the birthing process, physiology and the techniques to be used in labour to induce calm, confidence in the women under their care. Lainey states that people have always thought that having a ‘healthy baby and healthy mother’ is all that matters, but if we cannot make the ‘experience’ of birth joyful and free of fear then we have not achieved the best outcome for mum, partner or baby. Lainey has seen the incredible results of her teachings over these many years and has been able to gently guide not only first time mothers but also third and forth time mothers toward a wonderful birth experience.

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