What is Bub & Bloom®?

Bub & Bloom® provides a comprehensive set of antenatal classes to allow couples to learn how to have a confident and empowered birthing experience. The programme was developed to reduce anxiety and fear surrounding labour and birth. By reducing fear, and consequently adrenaline, pain can be diminished, and oxygen allowed to flow into the birthing muscles of the uterus.  Fear plays in women’s minds and is the bane of the birthing body. The body becomes agitated and put on hyper-alert, negating the effect of oxytocin in the body. By inducing calm, by turning down the adrenaline in the body,  allows mothers to birth their babies more confidently and comfortably.

Bub & Bloom® workshops are run to assist women and their partners. Anatomy, physiology and relaxation and deepening techniques taught to help women focus and get into their birthing zone.   Birth partners  are an integral part of the programme. As a result, they are prepared to observe and helpfully assist through the process of labour and birth.

Lainey’s midwifery experience provides a practical approach. Furthermore, labour skills will be taught and will prepare couples as they approach birth with calm confidence.