What is the Bub & Bloom Birthing Masterclass?

The Bub & Bloom programme will provide you with a comprehensive birthing class. The class will allow you and your partner to learn how to have a confident and empowered birthing experience.

Bub & Bloom will help you to reduce any anxiety and fear you may have surrounding labour and birth.

Fear, whether true or imagined, can effect the hormonal cascade within your body.  If your body releases adrenaline, it reduces the effect of oxytocin (the love hormone), the hormone that causes your uterus to contract.  It also reduces the amount of oxygen going to your uterus and your baby. It is important for you both to be thoroughly informed so you can not only have a safe birth but a joyful one too.

Skills will be taught to you to stay calm, turning down the adrenaline in the body. This will allow you to keep your uterus and your baby oxygenated. It will also help to reduce any pain and allow you to birth your baby more confidently and comfortably.

In the Bub & Bloom classes I will outline the anatomy, physiology of the birthing body. Relaxation and deepening techniques will also be taught to you to help you focus and get into your birthing zone. 

Your husband, partner or birth support will perform an integral role on the day of your baby’s birthday. As a result, your ‘other half’ will be prepared to observe and helpfully assist you through the process of labour and giving birth.

My midwifery experience provides a practical approach. Furthermore, labour skills will be taught and will prepare you both as you approach birth with calm confidence. I have been teaching birthing classes for over 15 years and have lectured midwives and doctors in the art of calm and peaceful birthing.