Ongoing Support

Lainey provides ongoing phone and email support to make sure everything remains on track for both of you.

Sometimes women make an appointment to see Lainey for acupuncture treatments to prepare them for birth. This normally starts at about 34-36 weeks gestation; however she will see you at any time to assist with any of the common pregnancy complaints that may occur.

During these sessions Lainey not only provides acupuncture services but reinforces the Bub & Bloom techniques and discusses any concerns you might have. The sessions also give a wonderful opportunity to do a relaxation visualisation whilst on the table. Lainey provides birth preparation acupuncture to help with cervical ripening, pelvic softening and hormonal balance.

She has assisted those to turn their breech babies and others who require help with natural induction when over due.

You can make bookings with Lainey by clicking on the  Family Tree Image below.


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