Lainey Smallwood-Pedley

Lainey Smallwood-Pedley

Lainey  is the founder and business director of Family Tree Acupuncture and Bub & Bloom. She is a registered Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist, a registered midwife and nurse. Her motivation has always been to have a retreat-like clinic, a “one stop baby shop” providing all the care women and their families need in one place.

She is the developer and facilitator of her highly acclaimed Birthing Masterclass workshops, and is referred to by many obstetricians around Melbourne, knowing she provides a calming, realistic and focused approach to birth.

She uses Chinese Medicine and acupuncture to help couples through the challenges of infertility and provides natural fertility and IVF support. Her emphasis is on preconception and pregnancy care; vital to a healthy mum and baby. Of course Lainey manages all pregnancy related conditions, including pain, postpartum and breastfeeding issues.

Distal Neuro-Muscular Needling Acupuncture therapy allows Lainey to relieve acute, chronic or unresolved pain syndromes for all family members. Lainey’s acupuncture technique is gentle and effective and may incorporate electro-acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion (heat therapy), dietary therapy and lifestyle advice to restore the body to a state of good health.

Both Western and Chinese medicine have their strengths and she believes that an integrated, multi-disciplinary treatment approach ensures each individual receives the best possible outcome for their health.

She is registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (AHPRA), is a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and is also a member of the Golden Key International Honors society for academic excellence.