Bub & Bloom Class

This  workshop is led by Lainey. She is a versed and dynamic speaker and runs workshops for couples in an informative and engaging forum. As she has many referrals from midwives, obstetricians and happy couples.

Often couples attend after a previous caesarean, wanting skills to prepare for a Vaginal Birth after Caesarean (VBAC). Maybe others have had less than optimal previous birth experiences. Others arrive to the workshop with preconceived ideas about birth after hearing many horror stories escalating their levels or fear and anxiety about birth. During and after the workshop, the groups develop a sense of ‘camaraderie’ that helps to dispel many concerns.

The class provides a light hearted yet realistic approach to birth, whilst instilling a deep sense of confidence as your baby’s birthday approaches.

These workshops cost is  $380 per couple.


Lainey is a registered midwife and is a recognised Health Fund Provider with most health funds.

Where are the classes held?
During this terrible Covid -19 pandemic  all workshops will be held via Zoom until further notice.
When are the classes held?
10am – 2pm Saturday
10am – 2pm Sunday
When is the best time to commence Bub & Bloom® classes?
The best time to attend between 24-36 weeks. Some couples prefer to come earlier and sometimes couples find out about the classes late but still get a thorough preparation.