Bub & Bloom Birthing Class

Bub & Bloom Weekend Birthing Workshops

The Bub & Bloom Birthing Masterclass is a group  workshop is led by Lainey. She is a versed and dynamic speaker and runs workshops for couples in an informative and engaging forum. Many of you will have been referred via your obstetrician or midwife and other happy prior attendants.

Often couples attend after a previous caesarean, wanting skills to prepare for a Vaginal Birth after Caesarean (VBAC). Maybe others have had less than optimal previous birth experiences. Others arrive to the workshop with preconceived ideas about birth after hearing many horror stories escalating their levels or fear and anxiety about birth. During and after the workshop, the groups develop a sense of ‘camaraderie’ that helps to dispel many concerns as you move towards a joyful and calm birth.

The class provides a light hearted yet realistic approach to birth, whilst instilling a deep sense of confidence as your baby’s birthday approaches

Bub & Bloom Birthing Refresher

Lainey also provides a refresher classes for couples who have previously attended a Bub & Bloom® Workshop. You will refine their knowledge and be prepared for your next welcome to your family.

The refresher classes help you to:

  • Strengthen your knowledge of labour and birth
  • Refresh your Bub & Bloom knowledge and skills
  • Prepare for VBAC ( Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)
  • Discuss your previous labour, birth and postnatal experience or
  • Debrief, clarify and work through any concerns, if unexpected challenges occurred.

Where are the classes held?

Classes will be held Face to Face.

1524 Nepean Hwy, Mount Eliza

When are the classes held?

Saturday 9am – 1pm

Sunday 9am – 1pm

When is the best time to commence classes?

The best time to attend between 24-36weeks.

Does my birth partner have to attend the Bub & Bloom classes?

The booking is for two people and having a baby is a shared journey. It would be best that your birthing partner attends the classes as they will be instrumental in assisting you on the day and being able to bond in that very special way prior to your baby’s birth and after your little one is born. Your birthing partner (whether it be your husband, partner, girlfriend or anyone else who cares for you) will learn these techniques with you, being able to help throughout pregnancy and on your baby’s birthday. These are life skills for all to share and use.

What is included in the Bub & Bloom classes?

You will receive the Bub & Bloom Masterclass Birthing Manual book and access to dropbox or google drive shared file with Bub & Bloom relaxation birth meditations and other resources to aid relaxation.

You will also be presented with further valuable information about pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting taken from years in the field of midwifery to best aid you in preparation for parenthood.

You will be welcome to be a part of the Family Tree Health Group – Bub & Bloom  village here in Mount Eliza where we will be arranging educational events, appointments and social events for families. Watch this space!!

Cost of  you weekend Birthing Masterclass

First time attendee $520

Refresher $260

NB. Refresher classes are only available to those who have attended one of Lainey’s classes in the past. 

Dates of workshops

Our Clinic- where everyone is welcome!

Come and see either myself or our other gorgeous practitioners here at Family Tree Health Group in mount Eliza.
1524 Nepean Highway, Mount Eliza, 3930
Any queries please SMS Lainey on 0409187989