Sonya, Peter and Baby Justin

Hey Lainey

Just reporting in to say that Justin Peter Rule arrived 4 weeks early on the 9th of July, the Thursday after we attended your workshop. Thank the universe for Lainey because we used every technique you’d taught us!

The labour lasted 6 hours and I breathed my way through the whole thing with no drugs. Justin came into the world a happy little Vegemite and it is an experience that I will treasure forever. I am looking forward to doing it all again in the coming years with the knowledge that I can once again use the calmbirth techniques.

I kept my cool the whole time and focused on making the experience a calm one for my little one entering the big wide world and it worked a treat! He has been a cool little cucumber since his birth and we’ve had comments supporting this from the midwives in special care ( he was there 9 days) and from friends and family visiting the last couple of weeks. Of course he does the odd squealy tomatoe face- but who doesn’t when they are hungry?

I have told anyone who will listen and recommend your Bubby Bloom classes to my pregnant friends. As far as I am concerned it was the best money I’ve ever spent and I’ll be back for a refresher in my next pregnancy.


Jo, Craig and Baby Darby

07_jo_craig_darbyAt 32 weeks pregnant, and being a midwife, thus knowing way too much, it dawned on me what I may be heading for with the birth of my baby. Suddenly I was full of fear! Thanks to you, our guardian angel who guided us from here on with the concept of a calm birth, that fear, was transformed to that of excitement, a feeling of being able to let go, and most importantly allowed me to have a very special bond with my baby before he was even born.

I did have an extremely long labour and ended up having a Caesarean as Darby was in a posterior position, however, by using my breathing and focussing techniques throughout my labour, I have very fond memories of it. I never felt afraid and I always felt a calmness, and therefore felt empowered to help make decisions throughout my labour, and the birth of our baby.

We thank you Lainey from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to using your amazing programme with our next baby.

Amanda, Steve and Baby Lily Rose

Hi there,

It’s Amanda from your birthing course. Just letting you know that Steve and I had a beautiful little girl on July 14th, Lily Rose

(7 pound 15). We were lucky enough to only have a 4 and a half hour labour!!!!

Thank you for everything that you taught us, if it wasn’t for the breathing techniques I don’t know what I would have done. Even Steve thought that the ‘hippy crap’ was worth it and he was glad that he had some good techniques to help me through it.

Thanks again

Anita, Mat and Baby Tobias

Just a quick note to say a big thank you. The classes were a very positive experience for us. It allowed discussion as a couple on the ideas we had for the birth and made the birth of Tobias a joint effort. We had the same focus together during the birth. As a partner it made Mat feel included rather than helpless.

The techniques learnt during the course not only helped with Tobias’s birth, it also gave help with sleeping during the pregnancy and made us more relaxed within other aspects of life. Lainey also gave us the insight that birth process is a normal life event.

Opal, Marcel and Baby Celeste

Hi Lainey

Marcel and I gained so much valuable information over the weekend and I wanted to give you my story.

I needed to be induced because I was two weeks overdue. Whilst Marcel and I were excited on the day we also carried a bit of fear about the unknown. I was attached to the drip and baby monitor and slowly things started to happen. The first real contraction caught me by surprise, but as it passed I knew what to expect.

I found myself breathing through the contractions bringing my attention to my body. I used the TENs machine, which you also recommended, from about 12pm when my back started to hurt.

At 3 pm the midwife checked me and I was only 1cm dilated. I found this mentally challenging, exhausting and frustrating. Again at 6pm the midwife checked me and I was only 3cm dilated.

This is where my mind took over and I thought to myself “Come on Opal… Lets get things going!” I sat up, got on the chair, closed my eyes and worked with the contractions. As they came, I would stand and swing my body to them. Then I would sit down at the edge of the chair visualising my baby moving down. The midwife kept asking if I wanted any gas, but I thought to myself that as one contraction subsided that I could manage the next without anything.

By 8pm the urge to push came on strong. The midwife said I wouldn’t be ready and again checked me. I was 8cm dilated and she couldn’t believe it. This gave me even more motivation to keep going the way I was.

It was at this stage that Marcel stepped in. Through the TENS machine and monitor straps he rubbed my back, talking in my ear, “you can do this.” It was amazing how strong I felt hearing his words and our little baby girl, Celeste was born at 9.45pm, 17th May.

I breastfed straight away and she attached beautifully.

It saddens me that women are so frightened of labour that they opt for an epidural even before their labour starts. I am sure that it because of all the negative stories that they hear. I am so happy that mine is a positive story and think that these need to be shared to encourage women and allay some of their fears.

Giving birth is a very powerful feeling mentally, physically and emotionally. Your classes helped me get my head around the fear factor.

Thank you Lainey