Private Midwifery Care

Penny Watson

With You Midwifery was founded by Penny in 2016 and we are lucky to have her join the Bub & Bloom team here in Mount Eliza.

Penny Watson - Private midwife- Bub & Bloom

Penny has been a midwife for 24 years and has worked extensively with women in one on one care with the ‘ Know Your Midwife’  program at Box Hill Hospital.

This further inspired her to provide a much needed individualized midwifery care as a private midwife on the Mornington Peninsula. She has worked closely with the obstetricians on the Mornington Peninsula , including providing care as a practice midwife with Jolyon Ford, who is presently head of obstetrics at Peninsula Health – Frankston Hospital.

Penny provides private midwifery care or works collaboratively with these obstetricians and GP obstetricians. Safety and professionalism is paramount in her care for families. 

Her belief is that pregnancy should be treated as a normal and natural experience. With the right care, education and professional support, the journey toward a fulfilling pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience can be achieved. This journey is a shared one with your partner and your midwife, Penny, who will be there with you every step of the way. 

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Antenatal care

With You Midwifery provides all the antenatal services your GP or Obstetrician would provide. This includes performing checks on your baby’s growth and heart rate, ordering all routine ultrasounds, pathology and many prescriptions as well as checks on your wellbeing. The part that sets us apart is the one-on-one support you receive whilst building a trusting relationship with your Midwife.

Medical History

Compiling a comprehensive medical, surgical, obstetric and family history. Guidance will be given on booking into a hospital

Health Checks

Height and weight measurements, blood pressure checks and baby heart rate monitoring.

Maternal Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Including emotional support, reassurance and education. Discussion and debrief of prior birth experience, any birth trauma or fears.  Nutrients and supplement education. Discussion about your baby’s development.

Ultrasounds, Bloods & Testing 

Ordering of routine antenatal blood tests, 12 & 20 week scans are bulk billed, Genetic testing ordered including  either Non- Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT), PRECEPT or Harmony testing.

Early Breastfeeding and Expressing Education

Understanding your boobs, expressing, storage, positioning , attachment and baby led feeding

Birth Preparation

Maternity Care Planning- Discussion of preferences and concerns. Education for you and your partner about what to expect on your baby’s birth day and the weeks beyond.

Empowerment Coaching

Chats about what your body is doing during labour and instilling belief in your body through empowerment and preparedness.

Postnatal care

Post birth can be a very difficult time for any woman and we believe it is crucial that every woman access real and practical support, whether in a midwifery clinic or in your home. Postnatal midwifery offers you support, care, understanding and information you need to successfully make the transition into motherhood.

In-Home Support

Your midwife will visit or contact you  frequently during your first week at home or in the clinic ensuring you are managing physically, mentally and emotionally.

Up to Seven Weeks

Weekly visits in the clinic after the first week up until your baby is  7 weeks old. Any further support needed within this time via phone or telehealth or extra visits will be bulk billed.

Health and wellbeing checks for yourself for your baby, including weight checks.

Birth Debrief

An opportunity to discuss your labour and birth experience. To help you understand and to give clarity about any concerns you might have. Referrals can be made to a perinatal councilor or psychologist if needed.

Sleeping & Settling

Education and support of your baby’s sleep cycles, understanding baby’s needs, normal & infant newborn behavior.

Setting up routines for yourself and realistic expectations of bringing home a new baby.

Books to avoid and books that are useful.


Breastfeeding assessment, education and support. Lactation Consultant appointments are also available.


Discussion and ordering of contraception, if required.

We look forward to looking after you and your family