Lisa Marshall-Midwife






Lisa is a fun loving, caring and professional midwife. She has excelled in her career as a Clinical Midwife Specialist in a large tertiary hospital and community midwife. As a Private endorsed midwife she offers families private and intimate continuity of care through their antenatal and postnatal period, whilst providing an in-depth preparation for their birthing journey.

She  is truly one of those gems that are hard to find and we are so lucky to have her as part of our team.

Lisa has been a registered midwife for 25 years and is highly respected by the obstetricians she works with and provides a through yet light hearted approach to this new transition for mums and dads, or same sex partners.

She has worked with women in both low and high risk care. As a birth centre midwife for many years, she automomously provided close continuity of care for her mothers and families. Her high risk knowledge and expertise provides safe yet nurturing and informative approach to care. Lisa uses a team and collaborative approach including referrals and obstetricians, GP’s, social work, perinatal psychology or councelling and other allied health workers.

She confidently provides lactation support as one of our Lactation Consultants andd provides support pre and post birth of your baby. Although she supports breastfeeding, she understands the challenges breastfeeding may have for some new mums. A thorough exploration of latch and positioning, and a thorough exploration of options will be made together that is best for baby and mum.

Education workshops presented by Lisa are the bub & Bloom settling & parenting workshops and is an accredited  ‘Tuning into Kids’ parenting facilitator

Lisa provides care to a culturally  diverse group of women and families. She has worked as a community midwife in Springvale assessing and understanding of the needs of new migrants , helping them to comfortably transition and integrate into the community as new parents. She has also worked regional Western Australia with the indigenous people in both Port headland and Kunarrurra.

Her zest for adventure has taken Lisa to Africa , working as a volunteer in both Zimbabwe and Botswana. In Botswana she worked as an Intensive Care Nurse with the local population for two years and then in 2012 worked as a midwife in Zimbabwe. Here she provided antenatal, labour and home visits with the local midwives .

Whilst there she also did  volunteer work with  ‘African Impact’ in the research team  for African lions. She has also worked as a medic in remote  Chile, South America. working with underprivileged young adults for 18-26 years,  offering an opportunity to experience adventure, community and research. This included kayaking, abseiling and horse riding, building a playground and plaza for the village and research working with volcanologists.

Lisa is a great addition to our team with a wealth of knowledge and passion. She believes in the sanctity of family and motherhood and the importance of women and their partners being fully supported. Being informed provides knowledge and confidence, encouraging intuitive and instinctual mothering to take shape. This allows parents to develop their own skills to support each other and to care for and tune into the needs of their own unique baby.